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What Does Going Organic Really Mean?

January 13th, 2017 | Posted by John Rice in Organic - (Comments Off on What Does Going Organic Really Mean?)

When I am presenting to groups or talking with clients, people will say when you switch to organic aren’t you just changing one bag (chemical) for another bag (organic)? I love that question! Organic land care is really about changing policies and practices on a site. It’s evaluating what is on the property and the health of what is growing here. It’s going from a chemistry-dominated soil to one that takes chemistry into account but focuses on building the soil biology. Having the soil be alive. It’s asking questions such as:

  • How can we keep everything on site and use it rather than hauling it away? Leaves, branches, weeds, etc.
  • What animals live here, how can we support their habitats? Mammals, birds, and pollinators.
  • What beneficial insects are here, which ones do we want to attract so we have more? Only 1% of bugs are pests, the rest are benign or beneficial.
  • What birds are here, which ones are missing?
  • What flowers are missing, what do we want to attract to increase the diversity and therefore our experience of nature and its beauty?
  • How can I have a balanced ecosystem on this property?
  • Should I put a water feature on my property to support the local amphibians versus solely for my own pleasure?

It means looking at the history and future of this property from the perspective of what can happen here for the benefit of all.  Do no harm. This is what it means to me.

Public Presentations: I love to give talks on any of the above subjects, on unscrupulous things landscapers do, and on how to properly plant shrubs and trees. If you or a group you know would be interested, please contact me, I would love to talk.

While climate and weather-wise, spring starts (or is supposed to) on March 1st, winter weather can visit us in March, April, and even May in New England. I look forward to a great and long growing season this year. Happy Spring!

Thanks to you all for your trust and your business.

John Rice